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Service Discontinued

Our services have been discontinued. However, most students do not know where to look for help. Below are the two most popular services for help with programming or any subject in general.

Welcome to Help With Programming

Are you having difficulty with that program? Are you running out of time? We understand how you feel, we all have been there. Programming assignments usually require keen step by step guide through the whole coding process. We can provide you with expert assistance for all your programming assignments. Moreover, we also help people to prepare for exams and also offer online training.

We can help you with most programming languages and other coding procedures such as database creation and website design. About Us today for assistance.



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Coding Solutions

Whether you're a rookie and just need a little push, or a seasoned programmer facing a though challenge, we are here to help you.


If you have tough concepts that you need a little help grasping, we can guide you and teach you.

Last minute deadlines

Programming is challenging, especially if you're a student on a deadline. We have a super fast turnaround.

Exam Taking

Do you need to take an online exam? We can help you with it so you can ace it.

Course Taking

Are you an non-programming major stuck in a programming class? Don't worry, we can take the entire class for you.

Live Help

We use TeamViewer to help you when you need it. Setting up an environment, and troubleshooting any issues.

We have been helping students with their programming assignments since


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Basic, for introductory programming students.

  • Math Calculations
  • File I/O
  • Basic Classes
  • User Input
  • Collection Sorting
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Medium complexity, second semester students.

  • Basic Data Structures
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Simple GUI programs
  • Runtime analysis
  • Complex calculations
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Advanced courses, graduating or graduate students.

  • Advanced algorithms
  • Complex data structures
  • Advanced GUI programs
  • Networking
  • Performance
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