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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I get a quote?
    • Time varies depending on the hour of the day. It can be as soon as a couple of minutes, or several hours. We always do our best to reply as soon as we get your request.

  • How can I pay?
    • Payment can via done via credit card or PayPal balance via PayPal. We also accept Amazon cash.

  • Can I pay after I receive the code?
    • We used to allow customers to pay after the code was delivered. Unfortunately, many people started taking advantage of this, and they would never reply or send the payment after the code was delivered.

      We are PayPal certified merchants, and PayPal offers 100% customer guarantee.

  • What if I require changes after the program is delivered?
    • If there were any requirements missed or not done up to specification, we will fix the program at no additional cost.

  • Will my code be posted online?
    • Absolutely not. The code will be developed from scratch 100% for you, and it will only be given to you.

  • Will you use any online code?
    • Absolutely not. The code will be developed from scratch 100% for you.

  • I am a rookie, I need my program to look like I wrote it.
    • No need to worry, simply let us know your skill level, and we will write the code so it does not look any more advanced that it needs to.

  • Will you give me a discount?
    • We always attempt to give you the best price possible. If you will be having us complete your assignments for the entire semester, we can throw in a small loyalty discount.